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Preparing For Jesus

christmas Dec 12, 2022

Would you be offended if we had a party without you, for your birthday? I know I would be confused if people got together to “celebrate me” without inviting me. That is essentially what many people are doing for Christmas. They celebrate the gift-giving, but neglect to really reflect on all that Jesus has done for us or even acknowledge that the Christmas season is about Him. 

This year, I want to prepare for Jesus with five intentional plans.

First, it’s in the name. Jesus is the reason for the season. Instead of saying Happy X-mas or Happy Holidays, I plan to say “Merry Christmas” to everyone within range. This is the only time of year when we can say Christ’s name in public without being worried about offending people. Okay, we’ll probably still offend people, but they can get over it.

Second, as we prepare for Jesus, I plan to read the Bible. Specifically, I plan to read Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2. I want to read the details about how Jesus came into the world. The details are important. As I read the scriptures, I plan to pray for God to speak to me about the Sacred Text and open my eyes, ears, heart, and soul to know the things He wants me to know about Jesus’ birth.

Third, I want to support a local school’s nativity play. In previous years, I attended Christmas plays at Christian schools that were, albeit unknowingly, irreverent, disrespectful, and downright wrong. This year, I want to attend at least three of these events to support schools that are teaching Biblical truth about Jesus’ birth. I hope I can find three schools that are doing this. 

Fourth, I want to invite my family to church. What a great reason to bring our family together. After church, I want to take pictures together to commemorate this special event of Christ’s birthday.

Finally, my plan this year includes attending a live nativity. There used to be one in my hometown, but people complained about it being on the courthouse lawn and it was moved to the local Dairy Queen. Over the years, it changed from a live nativity to plastic figurines. However, there is a live nativity in Bethlehem, Kentucky, about an hour from my house. This year, we are planning to attend. If you're around the area and want to attend too, they host the event December 22 – 25 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm across from the US Post Office.


How do you plan to prepare for Jesus this year?

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