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Spiritual Warfare - Recognize It

spiritual warfare Mar 14, 2022

I started my doctoral journey in 2013. Some of the best advice I was given during this time, was to be prepared for the enemy to attack. I was attending one of the most conservative Christian schools in America and the journey would take me through years of reflection and growing closer to God. Through this journey, I remember feeling attacked and calling my professor who gave me those words of wisdom. I asked him if he remembered saying it and explained that I was facing trials and tribulations that were distracting me and causing hardships. Thankfully, I recognized it for what it was early and called to ask for help and prayer. Tell me, do you recognize evil when you see it?


Have you heard of Daniel Nash? In the 19th century, Nash served as Charles Finney’s personal intercessor. Before Finney would arrive in a town for a revival, Nash would go ahead of him to pray. Sometimes Nash would go one or two weeks (sometimes more) ahead of time. He would usually find one or two people in the town to pray with him fervently as the Lord prepared the people in their community for revival. On one occasion, Nash took Abel Clary with him, to pray. They stayed at the home of a poor woman with a humble cottage. For 25 cents per week, the two rented a cellar. In that cold and dark room, the two men “battled the forces of darkness.” It was not uncommon for them to fast during this time and lay face down in prostration on the floor groaning.

Finney is considered one of the greatest revivalists of all time, but he would not continue his ministry after Daniel Nash passed away. The action of prayer intercession provided by Daniel Nash was a powerful act. To understand what this was like, consider the love of a mother for her sick or lost child. She is consumed with fear, worry, and distress. She can do nothing else but pray. She doesn’t eat, she doesn’t sleep, she doesn’t work. She is in a posture of emergency prayer. Now, instead of this being a prayer for one sick or lost child, it is an ongoing prayer for thousands of lost souls that could end up in a burning pit of fire in hell. This one, constant prayer to the Lord of all, is asking God to open and prepare the hearts of those who are lost. Prepare the minister and provide them with the words to speak, and invite the one and only true God to enter into this place for hearts to be changed and souls to be saved, in a way that could not be done by man alone.


Are you praying as Daniel Nash prayed for your family, your neighborhood, your town, your country? Reach out to a prayer partner this week and start praying and interceding on behalf of your loved ones. I recommend men praying with men and women praying with women. The act of prayer is a very personal act that can lead a person to be vulnerable. We don’t want the temptation to enter where it should not. Guard yourself.

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