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Spiritual Warfare - The Art of Distraction

spiritual warfare Mar 21, 2022

While developing the curriculum for His Kingdom Matters, I focused on three themes:

1. Bold & Courageous

2. Revival

3. Holiness.

With each new season of research and writing I was faced with distractions.

 While starting the first module of the holiness content I lost my voice and was diagnosed with COVID. The evil one will literally do anything to steer you in the wrong direction, especially when you are doing work that could bring people to Christ. For an entire month, I had brain fog that prevented me from focusing on the content as I should. The next month, I realized I had made an oversight in my banking and had no income for the month... I’ve never done that before. It’s as if one thing after another was being thrown at me to distract me and throw me off course. Most recently, my computer started acting up. It’s a relatively new computer that should not be having issues and yet it literally locked up and screamed at me earlier this week. Have you ever experienced similar situations with distractions?

 In October 1953, Fortune Magazine ran a 9-page article titled Businessmen on Their Knees. The author, Duncan Norton-Taylor wrote, “Now more successful than ever, they are taking to prayer.” Nine pages about Christianity in Fortune Magazine were sent to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The testimonies are phenomenal. In one situation, U.S. Steel was dealing with a union strike by the United Steelworkers of America. It lasted for 53 days in 1952. During this time, David Griffith approached the U.S. Steel President and the Jones & Laughlin Steel President to try and settle the disagreement. The men could not come to terms. Instead, Griffith became convinced “that only through a mutuality of faith could labor and management live in peace.” After hearing of a similar situation with Stupakoff Ceramic & Manufacturing Company where they had not had a strike in 11 years, Griffith started holding a prayer meeting in the corner of his Homestead, Pennsylvania office with about 25 employees. The prayer was shared through the loudspeaker so several hundred employees could hear. Norton-Taylor wrote, “the singing of hymns out at Homestead is an unusual sound on that old and bloody ground.” In October 1952, the company invested $150,000 for Guideposts, to send Christian inspiration and written sermons to their 125,000 employees. The steel strike stayed at bay for 34 years. 


“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31


I’m curious. Does your company have a Christian Employee Resource Group (CERG)? Do they have a time of prayer each week? As you can see from this post, U.S. Steel was not a Christian organization, yet they had Christians that worked for the company that were willing to be bold and courageous in their efforts to save the company. If you don’t have a CERG, check out His Kingdom Matters today.

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