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Unwelcomed Prayer

work Oct 04, 2021

This week I will continue sharing my stories about my faith and how I wrestled with sharing it with others, how I struggled with being bold, and how I am still figuring these things out. I want to welcome you to join me on this journey as we find the courage to be Christian in our daily lives. 

Around 2011, I asked my workplace if I could host a weekly Moms in Prayer group at work on my lunch hour instead of leaving campus to go to my house to pray. They had been advertising for other groups to meet at the office, so I naively thought, why not this one? I was told NO by Human Resources. I was frustrated that I could not have the same freedom, the same respect, or the same treatment. But, like most good Christians, we turn our cheek and go the other way. So for years, we spent time to leave campus, drive home, pray, and drive back to campus. Our group has remained small and mighty, but I wonder what could have happened if I could have sent one email to the All Employee email list (like the other groups did) inviting other parents to pray for their children and their schools on a weekly basis. 

Are you a member of a prayer group? I want to invite you to join our monthly prayer meeting. It is held the third Friday of each month at 6am PT/7am MT/8am CT/9am ET. To join, click on this Zoom link.

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