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Why His Kingdom Matters

revival work Oct 25, 2021

Up until now, the blog posts of WHY I co-founded His Kingdom Matters have been bits and pieces. However, this week, I am sharing the biggest reason of them all. This was the reason that pushed me to my breaking point. This was where I realized I was not alone in my suffering and I needed to do something to help others.

I remember telling my family about these “shenanigans” and I am pretty sure they thought I was overreacting. But this lack of Christianity or repression of Christianity started to surface other places as the years went on. I was no longer the only one receiving daily work emails about anti-Christian agendas. I would receive 5 – 10 emails a day promoting activities that were against my value system. I saw that the company was spending money on these activities too. I remember walking into the office and with each step, my head would become heavier, my heart would sink a bit more, and the twinkle in my eye would dim. I said it so many times…

I feel like I am adding to the degradation of society by going to work.

I felt like my being at work was supporting anti-Christian agendas. I felt like I was all alone. I felt like I needed to do something. And I felt like I was lost and did not know what to do. It was a terrible position to be in. One that I had to figure out how to navigate on my own and one that I don’t want others to have to traverse alone.

On one occasion, I recall a situation where I was being asked to do something unethical. It wasn’t communicated like that, but I knew what they were asking me to do and I knew it did not align with being honest and treating people fairly. I had a decision to make. Would I stand up for what is right and risk being alienated, risk losing my job, risk loosing future promotions or would I go along with it and loose part of my soul? I did what I thought was right. I spoke up. The meeting ended. I was not invited back for the next meeting and the mission was accomplished with a different team. The repercussions are not entirely known, but I do know I was treated differently from that point forward. 

On another occasion, I received a call where an employee at a different organization was experiencing similar oppression. They received anti-Christian emails daily and were told to wear certain t-shirts and show up to certain events. The employee respectfully replied to all and told the organization that he would like to be removed from their email distribution list. By the end of the day he had been fired. 

Recently, another situation happened where a colleague was working with a community where the goal is to respect all people despite differences. She did not know what religion the other members were; but they were freely discussing Buddhism, Hinduism, and other faiths. When she joined the conversation and briefly talked about Christianity, she was shut down and not allowed to speak.  

In the past few years, stories like this have poured in from all across the United States. 

The final straw that propelled me to launch His Kingdom Matters was when a colleague called me in December 2020. We had an agenda to discuss, but that was quickly dismissed as she started to cry and ask, “Where are all the Christians.” She felt like a lone soldier in a sea of an adulterous and evil generation. She felt like she was living her life for Christ and all of those around her were living their lives for Satan. She needed support. She needed to feel like she was not alone. She needed a friend to turn to and a shoulder to cry on. This is why His Kingdom Matters is here

His Kingdom Matters is for you:

  • If you feel like the lone Christian soldier in your workplace, your school, or your family
  • If you are upset with the sacred/secular divide and you want to hold on to your faith with all your grip
  • If you are being persecuted for your faith and you need a support group to turn to for help
  • If you want to mature in your relationship with Christ through in-depth Bible studies and a community of believers to interact with
  • If you need an accountability partner to discern right from wrong and a prayer team to help you overcome sin and temptation

This is why I co-founded His Kingdom Matters. You are invited to join and live life with other believers as we figure out how to navigate this ever changing world we live in. I say I co-founded the ministry because God is the founding partner. He is the one that laid this on my heart and has been working in me for all of these years to culminate the experiences to this point in time. All of the curriculum in the ministry, even the blog posts are prayed about as I seek divine inspiration and ask for His words (not mine) to penetrate the paper, flow from my fingers as I type, and pour from my mouth as I speak. I earnestly pray for God to be the leader of this ministry and He has not failed in providing direction and clarity. I cannot wait to see what He will do through this ministry and the lives of all the members.

Looking for support living as a Christian in the world today?  His Kingdom Matters provides the resources and community you've been searching for, including a monthly prayer guide, lecture, prayers led by Dr. Dean, a live monthly group call, and so much more.  Click below to learn more!

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