Coaching for Success with Dr. Dean

Dr. Dean is the world's foremost expert at integrating faith in every aspect of life, and leverages her knowledge and relationships to help her clients move from good to great.

She offers a variety of services including coaching, consulting, mentoring, and training on an individual level, team level, company-wide level, or project level.

Dr. Dean has coached hundreds of clients and has a fantastic success rate.


What is the big milestone you have your eyes set on?


Dr. Dean can help you achieve success with less frustration, less wasted time, and more encouragement.

What is your ultimate goal or objective?

  • Do you want to expedite your career path, succeed in a new role, or achieve an upcoming promotion?
  • Do you want to successfully defend your dissertation?
  • Do you want to publish an article or book?

What makes her different from other coaches? She genuinely cares and wants to coach others.

When your main objective is to Love God and Love Others, you nourish souls in all the work you do.

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You'll discuss your goals and objectives, and together, determine your next best steps for reaching them.

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