The community for believers eager to equip and support one another & learn strategies to put faith at the forefront of their lives.

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Have you found yourself asking…

  • Where have all the Christians gone?
  • Why do I feel so alone?
  • How can I integrate my faith into my life?
  • Why has there been such a decline in common sense and morality over the past decade?
  • Are we living in a world of wickedness that is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah?
  • Is there one sin worse than all other sins that will prohibit a person from going to heaven?

I have been asking myself those questions too, so you're not the only one!

That's why I felt called to create the His Kingdom Matters online community.

Here's what's inside His Kingdom Matters

You'll receive monthly content designed to equip and support you as a Christian in the world today, including an introduction to the month's topic, a prayer led by Dr. Dean, and a wide variety of in-depth resources to nurture your exploration. 

Topical Lecture

Dr. Dean will introduce and present the month's topic in detail, with an accessible approach that invites historical and modern-world applications.

Monthly Prayer Guide

You'll receive a curated selection of prayers focused around the topic for the month to help you grow and expand as you apply the Good Word.

Application Resources

Access a selection of multimedia resources to accompany and solidify the teachings for the month, including music, movies, podcasts, and more.

Optional Live Coaching

Connect and collaborate with Dr. Dean one-on-one or with your fellow community members in a private group call to discuss your triumphs and challenges.

Would you invest $1 a day to be a stronger Christian by the end of the year?

In 365 days, you'll be a stronger Christian with this intentional Bible study and devotion. Your contribution not only gives you access to these materials, but is dedicated to ministry focused on efforts to spark and spread a Christian revival globally. 

Annual Donation

$316 per year

  • 12 months of Full Community Access
  • Topical Lecture
  • Monthly Prayer Guide
  • Application Resources
  • More confidence as a bold and courageous Christian
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Who is this for?

  • The American concerned about faith, family, and freedom.
  • The person wanting to learn more about the greatest historical revival and the revivals on American soil.
  • The believer seeking encouragement to emerge as a bold and courageous Christian.
  • The Christ-follower at any stage on The Discipleship Pathway.
  • The individual that is afraid, alone, or scared to speak up about their faith in Christ.
  • The person that wants to make the world a better place.
  • The parent realizing their ultimate goal in life is to shepherd their children to follow Christ.
  • The employee that feels they are adding to the degradation of society with the work they are being asked to do.
  • The person that realizes there is a disconnect between their value system and the world around them.
  • The citizen that notices what is legal is not what is always right.
  • The evangelist that needs support to continue doing the work God has called them to do.
  • Any person that is willing to say YES to God!

Are you ready to link arms with other Christians and stand proudly in your faith?

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